Donna personal assistant app updated for iOS 7, lets meeting attendees know if you're running late

If you've ever run late for a meeting but weren't able to tell the other attendees because you're too busy battling traffic, then you might be interested in the latest update to Donna, the personal assistant iOS app from Incredible Labs that debuted earlier this year. Fondly referred to as "her" by company co-founder Kevin Cheng, Donna was designed to act as a smarter replacement for a regular calendar app, doing things like reminding you when to leave for an appointment and giving you the appropriate directions and weather conditions to get you there on time. Version 2.0 of the app, however, improves upon those features by allowing Donna to automatically email or text meeting participants that you're on your way and let them know your ETA based on your location and preferred mode of transportation. It's even smart enough to detect common places like your home or work as long as you've pre-programmed the app to do so. As before, Donna also detects conference calls in your calendar and can dial the number for you if you've set it up for that. If your busy life is in shambles and you're constantly having to apologize for your tardiness, go on and download the latest version of Donna at the link below.