Humble Weekly bounces by 8 Pinball FX games, over 20 tables total

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Humble Weekly bounces by 8 Pinball FX games, over 20 tables total
Are your flipper fingers getting rusty? Do you need a last-minute Thanksgiving present for Great Aunt Cheryl? Are Thanksgiving presents even a thing? Humble Bundle has those first two problems covered with the Zen Studios weekly sale, which includes more than 20 pinball tables spread across eight games.

Pay what you want for the following Pinball FX2 games: Core Pack, Classic Pack, Earth Defense Table, Paranormal Table and Epic Quest Table. Pay $6 or more to also snag the Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Pack, Star Wars Pack and Marvel Pinball Original Pack. All of the packs are available for PC via Steam.

Payments for the Pinball FX weekly sale are split, however you choose, among Zen Studios, Humble Bundle and two charities, Watsi and American Red Cross. Humble is currently donating to the American Red Cross Typhoon Appeal to provide food, shelter and emotional support to people in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Remember Humble Bundle also has the Humble Mobile Bundle 3 right now, which includes Android premieres of Ridiculous Fishing and Swordigo. And there's the new Humble Store, which hosts crazy daily deals on a broad swathe of indie games, today including the Giana Sisters Twisted Bundle, the Magicka Collection and one of our favorite brawlers of the year, Foul Play, among others.
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