id's Rage free to play, cheap to buy this weekend on Steam

id Software's latest, Rage, is the focus of a free-to-play event this weekend on Steam.

Starting today and running through Sunday at 1pm PT, all Steam users can download Rage and play as much as they want. Should they choose to purchase the game for play past Sunday, its price has been knocked down to $5 for the weekend.

Rage largely failed to gain real traction with critics and consumers when it launched in October of 2011. Despite selling 550,000 copies in the US during its debut month, it has been absent from NPD charts every month since. Still, id has publicly stated it's not done with the series: Co-founder Tom Willits told Joystiq earlier this year "the franchise is not dead" and that id is "proud of what we did" and "proud of the universe that we built."