Stir Kinetic smart desk selling for $3,890, New Yorkers can try before buying

Remember the Stir Kinetic, the standing desk that learns your sitting habits and adjusts the height automatically? Well, it's going up for sale today and yes, it's as expensive as we said it would be. As promised, the hardwood desk starts at $3,890, though for now you'll only need to pay a $300 deposit; the rest will get charged to your account when it ships in April. (The first 50 customers will actually get it in February.) Just so you know what you're getting into, the desk has a super-minimal design, adorned only by a touchscreen, which you'll use to lower the desk over its 26-inch range. You can also tap the screen to see how many calories you've burned and keep track of how much time you've spent standing. There's also an "Active Mode" that allows the desk to move periodically, encouraging you to take a break. Additionally, the desk has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, along with four USB ports and eight AC sockets -- a neat way of ensuring your cables stay put as you move the desk up and down.

As we've been saying all along, $3,890 is a heckuva a lot to pay for a desk, so in addition to having deep pockets, you better be sold on the idea that working while standing up is good for your health. If not, the company will be showcasing the desk at an in-person store, but just one: the Wired Web Store at 353 West 14th St. in New York. If you happen to live in the area, you can mosey on down starting December 4th and check it out in person (no purchase necessary if you just wanna get your kicks). As for everyone else, you might just want to revisit our hands-on video and call it a day.