Apple confirms PrimeSense buyout, paves way for motion-controlled future (updated)

PrimeSense sensor

At last, the will-it-or-won't-it drama surrounding Apple's rumored acquisition of PrimeSense is over. The iPhone maker has confirmed the deal with AllThingsD, issuing its now familiar statement that it buys smaller companies "from time to time." The company isn't discussing its plans or the terms of the deal, but ATD's sources claim that PrimeSense sold for about $360 million, or more than the $345 million that Calcalist reported a week ago. Whatever the value, it's clear that motion control will play a role in Apple's future -- the crew in Cupertino now has access to 3D sensor technology that works in everything from living room devices to smartphones.

Update: PrimeSense has confirmed the acquisition to us, stating "We can confirm the deal with Apple. Further than that, we cannot comment at this stage."