For his next stunt, Joe Danger races to Mac and Linux

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For his next stunt, Joe Danger races to Mac and Linux
Both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 are making their way over to Mac and Linux. Developer Hello Games has announced the new platforms in a blog post, which details both platforms will be added to the Steam versions of each game "real soon." The Linux version is particularly exciting to Hello Games as it'll be compatible with Valve's SteamOS, whenever that launches.

Joe Danger is a side-scrolling racing series where players assume the role of titular stuntman, Joe Danger. He navigates various obstacle courses in pursuit of setting the best time possible. In our review of Joe Danger 2, we found the game doesn't stray too far from the foundation set by the first game – and that it doesn't really need to.

Hello Games is also currently porting both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 over to the PS Vita. Both ports are due some time in the new year.
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