Luigi finally gets his own 3DS bundle in this, the year of Luigi

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Luigi finally gets his own 3DS bundle in this, the year of Luigi
As we close out the honored, seemingly endless Year of Luigi, Nintendo has one more gift planned for Mario's lanky brother. A Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS with a preinstalled copy of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will hit store shelves on November 28 for $169.99.

The Cobalt Blue color scheme -- a deeper shade than the platform's Aqua Blue launch model -- is a favorite among 3DS software bundles, having been introduced in a Fire Emblem: Awakening package deal but never released as a standalone product in North America. Luigi himself inspired a fan-made Nintendo 2DS mod last month, which was later auctioned off for charity.

Of course, it might be more appropriately festive if the 3DS included in the Dark Moon bundle was colored green, but eh, what are you gonna do? Luigi's year is almost up, and maybe Nintendo's getting tired of him strutting around like he owns the place.
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