Improved Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on mobile in December

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Improved Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on mobile in December
A new and improved version of GTA: San Andreas is coming to mobile platforms next month.

Rockstar Games points out the mobile port of the PS2 game will have remastered graphics with better shadows. The mobile port also has a greater draw distance, improved color palette and enhanced models for both characters and cars, which Rockstar says will up the graphical fidelity to "make this the best-looking version of San Andreas yet."

On top of bringing all the purdy to the small screen, GTA: San Andreas for mobile also improves upon the original's controls with a new contextual control option that displays buttons only when needed, though Rockstar hasn't said specifically how that will work. Rockstar has also added a trio of new control schemes for driving and maneuvering and overhauled the game's checkpoint system for "easier progression."

GTA San Andreas for mobile will have full controller support, including Made for iOS controller functionality on iOS 7, and is planned to launch on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile devices sometime next month.
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