Take-Two bid adieu to Icahn, three board seats for $203.5 million

Tuesday 26 November

800 lbs. lighter after getting rid of Carl Icahn and his three boys (including that iCahn mini) from the board. It's gonna be trans-fat and pasta tonight, I'm tellin' you.

Food consumed today: What. Ever. I. Want. Boom!

Morning in the 36-degree city that never sleeps. But I slept well last night. Stood on my balcony as the sun was rising, took the top off my silk pajamas and let the energy of the universe fill me.

I couldn't be happier Diary,

Three years after washing up in my board room, it's time to say goodbye to Carl Icahn and his flotsam. It wasn't cheap either, Di. It cost $203.5 million to clean them up, which was the purchase of 12.02 million shares of stock at $16.93. Not a bad return for Carl, who bought the stock at around $8 a share in late 2009.

"With our ample cash and strong expected cash flow, we are able to pursue a variety of investment opportunities, including repurchasing our Company's stock," I said, officially. But, honey, you should have seen the crown I was wearing while I said it. "On behalf of our board and management team, I would like to thank Brett, James and Sung for their support, dedication and service to our organization. They leave Take-Two better positioned than ever for continued success."

...Now, get out.

Anyway, this share repurchase was done outside our normal repurchasing program in place. So, you know, I really just wanted this whole Icahn thing sorted and I-cahn do that with all this Grand Theft Auto 5 money. It's all so I-cahn... oh, wait, I don't want to spoil the surprise. Even I need to have some secrets from you, Di.

I'll share my surprises soon,
Secret Strauss