Mac App of the Week: DxO Perspective takes a crooked photo and makes it straight

Updated ·2 min read

We've all taken those regrettable photos -- you snap a quick shot of your friends of family in front of a wonderful scene and when you get home you realize you weren't holding your camera as straight as you thought. You can fire up your favorite photo editor and try to apply a fix, but it is often an exercise in frustration as you try to rotate and skew the photo to get the correct angle and perspective. If you are ready to leave these frustrating fixes behind, then you should check out DxO Perspective from DxO Labs.

DxO Perspective does one thing and it does it well -- it allows you to easily and quickly fix perspective problems in photos. The two most common tools in the app allow you to fix a crooked horizon by using a horizontal level or a vertical level. It's as easy as selecting your tool (horizontal or vertical), affixing a line to your photo and hitting apply. The app rotates the photo to the correct amount and crops it to remove any uneven edges.

There are also advanced tools that allow you to fix more complex perspective problems. You can bring an object forward or move it to the back using these perspective tools. These require a fine touch and some skill as you need to box in the area that you want to fix. The tools are very intuitive, but I found them difficult to use because I just don't have an eye for this type of artistic photography.

DxO perspective won't appeal to everyone as it is a niche app, designed for folks who take a lot of landscape photos, interior photos or photos of buildings. It is perfect for the photographer looking for a quick and easy way to straighten photos and adjust their perspective without having to purchase expensive tools like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Even if you have these Adobe apps, you may still want to take a look at DxO Perspective as it is lightweight and easy to use.

DxO Perspective is available in the Mac App Store. It is on sale for $5.99 from now until December 2.