The Daily Grind: Are you buying new or playing old games on Black Friday?

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The Daily Grind: Are you buying new or playing old games on Black Friday?
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Ah, the day after Thanksgiving. The day we say, screw gratitude; let's go blow a ton of money buying cheap and tawdry crap! MMO studios and the benevolent Steam gods would like to assist you in this selfish but highly entertaining endeavor, and you needn't even shove your way into a Wally World at 5 a.m. -- you can do this from within your PJs without budging from a comfy chair molded perfectly to fit your butt.

Marvel Heroes is having a giant week-long sale, Lord of the Rings Online is offering discounts on store cash bundles and expansions, SOE has cheap Station Cash on offer, Aion is celebrating Black Cloud Friday, League of Legends is getting into the lock box game, Defiance and EVE Online cost less than a latte on Steam, Final Fantasy XI is $15, and Blizzard's games have seen their prices slashed for folks living under rocks for the last decade. And that's just a handful to add to the list I know you're going to create in the comments.

Do you plan to avail yourself of game sales this Black Friday, or will you be content just playing what you've already got?

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