This Germanmade sleeve is the best MacBook Pro case you can buy

I just got a new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, and it's the best Apple product I've ever bought. It's also the most expensive. Being so thin and having such a beautiful hi-res display, it feels more vulnerable than my older MacBook Pro. That's why I take my sleeve and cases very seriously from a design and build perspective. Thankfully, I stumbled upon a German company called Germanmade. I can confidently say its MacBook Pro with Retina display sleeve is the best MacBook sleeve on the market.


The Germanmade MacBook Pro 15'' Retina sleeve is made from an "exclusive" leather the company sources. The interior lining of the case is made from a natural, anthracite-colored felt and the entire sleeve is stitched with contrast stitching. The sleeve comes in four colors: night (black), magma (red), earth (dark brown) and vintage (light brown). I chose the night color because I like my sleeves dark, so any dirt or stains don't show up. The interior felt lining is only available in black.


While design is probably the most important thing many of us care about when choosing a sleeve, when you have a US$3,000 laptop, the build of the case becomes just as -- if not more -- important. Sliding my MacBook Pro into the sleeve requires just the right amount of effort. It doesn't just fall in like some other sleeves I've tried. You need to apply pressure to get it in all the way. This means the interior dimensions of the sleeve are fitted just right, and the MacBook fits snugly inside.

The leather is of a high-quality range that, once you have your MacBook in this sleeve, makes it feel like it's protected by an impenetrable skin. I feel totally comfortable with my MacBook Pro protected in nothing but this sleeve when I throw it into my backpack with other books, my e-reader and the odd grocery item.

But the thing I really love about this sleeve is the wide flap that Velcros around the middle part of the sleeve's opening. This gives you an extra bit of added security. This is probably not needed, since the sleeve fits so well, but it adds great peace of mind and also looks cool.


The Germanmade MacBook Pro 15'' Retina sleeve is €89.95 (about $121.00) plus shipping. Yes, it's pricey for a sleeve, but you are paying for the excellent materials, build and design. Whether it's for your MacBook Pro or a loved one's, this sleeve makes the perfect gift this holiday season.