Foursquare redesign for iOS brings you more location info at a glance

Foursquare gave its iOS check-in app a makeover just a few months ago, but it's already back with a redesign that takes fuller advantage of Apple's platform. The version 7.0 app has a more compact layout that puts more information up front -- you'll see more of your friend feed and a carousel of tips. It also refreshes with each launch, so you're more likely to notice what's going on nearby. You won't necessarily have to open the app to see what's going on, though. In sync with the 7.0 refresh, Foursquare is rolling out its push recommendations to all Android and iOS users; you'll only have to visit a new town or a friend's favorite eatery to get advice. iPhone-toting travelers can grab the new client at the source link, while the expanded notifications will automatically appear on their own.