Like Moleskine? You'll love the BUKcase iPad case

There's an iPad case out there for everyone: slim ones, waterproof ones, cases covered in gold bling. iPad cases nowadays are as much about style and taste as about protecting Apple's tablet. If you're into a case that's more artisan than most -- or just a fan of Moleskine notebooks -- you might want to check out the BUKcase iPad case.


The BUKcase 'ORIGINALS' iPad case is designed to look like the famous notebook when closed. It has a faux black leather cover and a vinyl inside cover that comes in blue, purple, red, or grey. The model I tested was the one with the purple interior cover. Attached to the back of the case is an elastic band that is wound around it when closed -- securing the cover of the case just like a Moleskine notebook. A dime-sized hole is cut into the upper right rear of the case so you can use the iPad's camera without taking it out. Each case is made by a small team of people in Manchester, England and every unit made is labeled with a unique number stating the birthdate of the case.


The top, right, and bottom sides of the the case are made of a birch plywood wooden frame with four studs that act as a Tommy lock system, keeping your iPad securely in place. The fourth-generation iPad I tested with it fit securely without rattling around. The case also features a smart sleep-wake function that wakes your iPad when you open the case cover -- just like Apple's Smart Cases do. The case also doubles as an iPad stand. Fold the front cover all the way back and lay it on a table to set the iPad at an angle; that's something people who like to use drawing apps will appreciate.


At £40.00 GBP (about US$65.00) the BUKcase 'ORIGINALS' iPad case isn't priced badly. The thing is, the case won't appeal to everyone, especially those that want a case to make their iPad feel protected. But this case isn't designed with a form-fitting mission in mind. It's designed for those artistic iPad owners out there who enjoy craftsmanship and want an iPad case that can make their tablet blend into the surround of other items they frequently carry -- like Moleskine notebooks. If you're one of these people, then I think this could be the case for you.

For American readers, you may also wish to consider cases made by DODOcase and Pad & Quill.