Stealth Inc. finds its lost clones on PSN

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Stealth Inc. finds its lost clones on PSN
Curve Studios, the developer behind Stealth Inc. – A Clone in the Dark, has announced some new DLC for the PS3 and PS Vita versions.

The "Lost Clones" add-on slaps another 20 levels, including new Trophies and a DLC-specific leaderboard, on top of the base game. "Lost Clones" is available for download today for $3.99 in North America and £2.99 in Europe. In Curve Studios' announcement post, the studio says it currently has no plans to release the DLC for the iOS version, though it hasn't ruled out the possibility.

Stealth Inc. – A Clone in the Dark, previously known as Stealth Bastard on other platforms, is a stealth puzzle game where players must stick to the shadows while guiding a clone through a testing facility chock full of traps and robot sentries. The game is both cross-buy and cross-save enabled on PlayStation platforms.
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