Google Glass gets unofficial WordPress support

Google Glass may never be able to give you X-ray vision, but its list of supported features continues to grow. PR firm, Weber Shandwick, has released an unofficial plugin for the futuristic eyewear that allows owners to publish content to any WordPress-hosted blog with simple verbal commands. The lucky few with a headset of their own can snap a photo or video, dictate an associated caption and upload their entry, all in less than a minute. Posting long-form content, like your mother-in-law's buffalo chicken dip recipe, is also possible -- but there's a learning curve. Weber Shandwick's SVP of technology innovation, Ozzy Farman, told us that Google's built-in voice-to-text functionality takes a bit of getting used to.

You might think it odd to see a PR agency working on this sort of thing, but as the wearable market grows, we'll likely see companies in all manner of fields work to harness the technology. The firm is tightlipped about any future Glass apps, but Farman had this to say, "We spend a lot of time developing and experimenting with new technology like this that could be impactful to our clients' businesses as the communications landscape transforms." Below is an excerpt from A Tale of Two Cities published through voice dictation. You can check out the app in the source link below.