5 amazing iPad paintings that we know are real

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The internet just can't seem to come to a consensus on whether or not that ridiculously detailed iPad painting of Morgan Freeman was legit or not, but that's OK, because we have plenty of examples of jaw-dropping iPad art that we know for sure are real. How do we know? Well, we have full videos showing the artists creating them with their very own fingers.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring"

Five hours using ArtStudio on an iPad mini. Wow.

Portrait in one sitting

Done in ArtStudio, but this time on a full-sized iPad.

"Adventure Rat"

This one was painted using Inspire Pro. Check out part 1 to see how it began.

"Jack Sparrow"

Painted using the Brushes app on a full-sized iPad.


A stunning piece by artists Peanut Butter and Rolling Stone, a pair of feline painters.

Bonus: Morgan Freeman, again

This, um, remarkable rendition of Morgan Freeman by Twitter user Jamie Jones is undoubtedly not a copy of a photograph. We'll bet on that.

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