Amazon Cloud Drive Photos gains video, iPad support

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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos gains video, iPad support

In the never-ending battle of the cloud-storage wars, Amazon has updated its Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app to version 2.0, which lets you store videos from your iOS device to your Amazon Cloud Drive. As TechCrunch notes, the Android version has done this for more than a year. Why it took that long to hit iOS is a mystery only Jeff Bezos can solve.

Another major feature of the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app (which, really, now that it can do videos, needs to drop the "Photos" from its name) is that it now supports both the iPad and the iPad mini, making it a truly universal app.

New users to Amazon Cloud Drive will get 5 GB of free storage and can upload videos up to 2 GB in size or 20 minutes long each. Just as with other cloud services (like Dropbox), once your files are uploaded to Amazon Cloud Drive, you can access them on any iOS or Android device, or Kindle Fire tablet, as well as on the web.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is a free download.

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