Battlefield 4 PC update addresses server crashes, frame rate issues [Update: Issues tracker added]

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Battlefield 4 PC update addresses server crashes, frame rate issues [Update: Issues tracker added]
DICE updated Battlefield 4 on PC this week to address a number of server and client crashing issues. The developer patched the game yesterday, addressing "one of the most frequently occurring client crashes" in addition to other bugs related to frame rate and collisions. The update rectifies one particular bug where players were able to be shot while behind cover and changing their characters' stance, as the transitions between poses would occasionally lead to a "multiple frame desync."

Among the other fixes introduced in this week's patch is the issue of grenades bouncing back from containers with open doors. Additionally, DICE fixed a bug that awarded teams a win in a round of Defuse mode by killing every attacker without disarming the bomb, providing it was disarmed in the previous round. The developer issued patches for Battlefield 4's PS4 and PS3 versions last week following EA's statement of commitment to fixing the game's numerous issues. DICE already patched up a one-hit-kill glitch in the game on both PS4 and PC.

Update: Additionally, DICE rolled out a Battlefield 4 issues tracker thread in its official forums. The forum post includes a rather large list of problems in the game, the platforms each issue affects and their statuses. The status sections include three levels: "investigating," "fixing" and "fix live." The developer noted that the issue tracker is not a comprehensive list of problems in the game, and that while it has always maintained such a tracker behind the scenes in its projects, this is the first time it opted to make it public.

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