Coursera's iOS app expands the reach of online education

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Andy Bowen
December 10th, 2013
Coursera's iOS app expands the reach of online education

Coursera is one of the largest US providers of free education through MOOCs (massive open online courses). One month ago, the company announced its collaboration with the State Department to develop educational hubs around the world, where students could participate in MOOCs as a group. Now, the educational initiative has taken its mobility one step further with an iOS app. Students can take advantage of hundreds of courses on the go thanks to features like a personal dashboard, syllabus access and quizzes. Lecture videos are available to stream on your iPhone, with an option to download for offline viewing later on. In the interest of data-efficiency, the app was designed with simplicity in mind and isn't yet capable of replacing New features and platforms, however, are promised for 2014.

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