Dungeon Tours: Wish you were here!

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|12.11.13

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Dungeon Tours: Wish you were here!
Synergy? We've got synergy! Welcome to the unveiling of Dungeon Tours, a new multimedia miniseries playing out on both the Massively blog and Massively TV. What is Dungeon Tours, you ask? It's a tour. Of a dungeon. Many tours, in fact, of many dungeons. We're sneaky like that. But there's a method behind this particular madness.

Have you ever wanted to see and experience every dungeon and instance in a game? Maybe you're interested in getting a sneak peek at what content is in store for you as you advance in a title you already enjoy, or maybe you want to see what you have missed. It could be that you'd like to get a feel for a game before jumping in yourself. And whether or not you ever have any intention of ever playing a game yourself, you're probably curious about what goes on behind those closed doors! This miniseries is your key to those doors.

A three-hour tour?
Dungeon Tours is not your get-stranded-on-a-desert-isle-unexpectatly kind of tour. In fact, it is quite the opposite; it's about getting the experience without putting yourself at risk! (Well, unless you are in the group, that is, but more on that later.)

This miniseries is not only about providing that peek behind the curtain of dungeon content that you might not be able to visit yourself. Think about it: Even if you have seen a livestream here or there, it can be a nightmare trying to go back and find an individual show that covers a certain dungeon, let alone every dungeon in a particular area or level range. And while some games have only a handful of dungeons that follow one another in orderly fashion, others have so many you can't even keep them straight, let alone run them all.

That's where DT really comes in handy. We'll compile all those shows into logical batches that are both easy to follow and easy to find! Want to see a walk-through of all dungeons a level 20 can do in EverQuest II? We'll do that. What about navigating the many dungeons on Thestra in Vanguard? We'll be your personal guide through each one. Want to see the difference between regular, Elite, and Nightmare dungeons in The Secret World? Yes, that too.

While Dungeon Tours won't focus on in-depth step-by-step guides, each tour will offer plenty of tips, tricks, and hints along the way that can be used during you own adventures. Dungeon Tours will be your go-to visual reference to find which dungeons you want to hit up, which you want to skip, and which you completely missed!

So what games are on the block for this special miniseries project? Currently EQII, Final Fantasy XIV, Vanguard, DC Universe Online, The Secret World, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic are all on the planned itinerary. As you can see, this project is a long-term one! Do you have any you'd like to see added to the list?

Now, for possibly the best part of Dungeon Tours: This project is about including you -- the Massively readers and viewers. What's a dungeon run without a group? And who better to group with than fellow Massively folks? So how about it? Who's up for becoming a walk-on or recurring character in this new project? We can't always promise perfect runs, but we can assure a fun time. And your name in lights... or print, at least. And while not all of the dungeon runs may be livestreamed on Massively TV, every single one will be recorded and added to the easy-to-reference written feature.

Our first-ever officially sanctioned tour adventure is this Saturday at 1:00 pm EST in Vanguard, and this is your invitation. Come, be a star in Dungeon Tours.

The line stars below.

Touring a dungeon is almost as good as experiencing it yourself. Best of all, you get all the know-how without any of the deaths! Join Dungeon Tours guide MJ Guthrie live on Massively TV and keep a souvenir journal of the experiences right here. Don't miss our next expedition!
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