Best Buy unwraps five new Xbox One bundles in time for the holidays

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Best Buy unwraps five new Xbox One bundles in time for the holidays
Hoping that one of your loved ones has an Xbox One on his or her list, Best Buy has launched a new range of holiday bundles for Microsoft's console, including games, controllers and discounted Xbox Live Gold memberships.

Pay a visit to Best Buy's website and you'll find five console bundles ranging in price from $530 to $650. The least expensive bundle includes an Xbox One console plus a year of Xbox Live membership, which cuts the price of the membership in half, from its standard $60 price point to $30.

If you don't care for Xbox Live but thrive on local multiplayer, you may instead prefer the $560 bundle which includes the Xbox One console and an extra controller. Also priced at $560 is a bundle including the Xbox One console and a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Keep in mind, neither of these last two bundles offer any discount over purchasing the included items individually.

For $590 you can pick up a bundle including the console, the $30 Xbox Live Gold membership and an extra controller. Big spenders willing to drop $650 will receive all of the items listed above: the Xbox One console, the $30 Xbox Live Gold membership, an extra controller and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The best news here for last minute shoppers isn't the pricing, but when these bundles will be available. While you're unable to order these bundles on the site then pick them up in a Best Buy store, the retailer claims that these bundles will be "available for delivery by December 24" - just in time to celebrate the most holy of consumer holidays.
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