Fleksy rolls out API, debuts as alternative keyboard in third-party apps

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Kelly Hodgkins
December 12th, 2013
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Fleksy rolls out API, debuts as alternative keyboard in third-party apps

Fleksy promises to make tap typing easier with a keyboard that offers a 114 percent larger typing area and a powerful prediction engine that autocorrects so well that you supposedly can type without looking at the screen. The Fleksy keyboard was limited in scope as it was only available in the standalone app. That has changed thanks to an API that's slowly being adopted by third-party apps.

Fleksy debuted its API today and unveiled the four partners it chose to be the first to implement this alternative keyboard. These partners include Launch Center Pro from Contrast, BlindSquare from MIPsoft, GV Connect from Andreas Amann and Wordbox from Vulpi. Each one of these apps implement the keyboard in different ways; some, like Wordbox, place the keyboard front and center, while others, like Launch Center Pro, keep it in search.

Fleksy hopes to incorporate its keyboard into a wide variety apps, but the company is being selective about the app developers it will work with. Eventually, the company hopes to open up its API to the public so all developers can use it.

[Via TechCrunch]

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