Forza 5 December update slashes car prices, adds new modes

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Forza 5 December update slashes car prices, adds new modes

A substantial update coming to Forza 5 this month – perhaps as early as next week – will make it easier to stock your virtual garage with expensive vehicles.

Prices for on-disc cars will be slashed almost in half (down 45%, to be exact), IGN reports, while racers will also accumulate money much faster after the update. On top of that, developer Turn 10 is adding a pair of new game modes: Drag Racing and Tag.

In Drag Racing, up to 16 players can hop into a lobby and challenge other drivers in one-on-one straightaway races or simultaneous drag races for up to eight players at a time. The setup sounds quite similar to the Forza 4 version of drag racing.

Tag is a bit more complex with three different variants on the classic children's game: One player is designated as "it" and must run from the other players to win; one player is "it" and, upon tagging other drivers, will cause them to be "it" as well, with the last standing untouched driver winning the match; and in the last variant, one player begins the match as "it" and must tag other players to pass the "it" status, with the player having been tagged the least amount of times winning the match.

"We based our economy largely on Forza Motorsport 4 data," Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt told IGN. "The earn rate [in Forza 5] should have been the same," Greenawalt added, assuring that Turn 10 is "making updates pretty quickly and painlessly" and will continue to do so based on input from the Forza 5 community.
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