Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals second anniversary rewards

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Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals second anniversary rewards
Star Wars: The Old Republic second anniversary banner
The 20th of this month marks the two-year anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and BioWare is bestowing upon players a couple of gifts to celebrate the occasion. On December 17th, players who have an active Star Wars: The Old Republic account created on or before December 16th, 2013, will receive a pair of exclusive paint jobs (one for the Empire and one for the Republic) for their Galactic Starfighter ships plus faction-specific fireworks that players can set off for an impromptu pyrotechnics show.

While all players with an active account will receive these rewards, the paint jobs can be used only if you have access to the Galactic Starfighter expansion. While subscribers gained access to the feature earlier this month, Preffered Status players will have to wait until January 14, 2014, and Free-to-Play members will gain access on February 4th, 2014. For the full details on the anniversary rewards or to sign up for an account, head over to the Star Wars: The Old Republic official site.
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