How to secretly take photos and videos with your iPhone

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How to secretly take photos and videos with your iPhone

Here's a quick and fun tip only available in iOS 7. So if you're one of the few people still hanging on to iOS 6 for dear life, perhaps this will convince you to jump ship.

Thanks to iOS 7's affinity for translucency, you can now take photos or videos with your iPhone while no one's the wiser.

To do so, open up the Camera app.

Oh look, some vibrant flowers just begging for a photo.

Next, all you do is swipe downwards to access iOS 7's notification center. The camera app remains active and I can easily take a photo of the flowers with no one being the wiser by pressing the "+" volume button.

Note that this trick also works in video mode. What's more, you can pull down the notification center while a video is still recording and the camera will keep on rolling.

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