Smartphone MMO Avabel Online releases new content

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|12.16.13

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Smartphone MMO Avabel Online releases new content
While it didn't impress too much in the beginning, Avabel Online is hoping its latest major content update changes a few minds. A mobile 3-D action game available on both Android and iOS smartphones, Avabel Online offers both PvE content and PvP. The newest update adds six advanced classes (each with four new skills) to the 12 already available. Additionally, characters can now equip items in their left hands, from daggers to guns to fist weapons. Players can also roam new maps.

See what's in store in the trailer below. You can try the game and try it out for yourself by visiting Apple's AppStore, Google Play, or Amazon.

[Source: ASOBIMO, Inc press release]

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