1979 Revolution: Black Friday falls short of fundraising goal

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1979 Revolution: Black Friday falls short of fundraising goal
The revolution will not be televised (or appear on your PC), as 1979 Revolution: Black Friday has missed its $395,000 Kickstarter goal. However, this is not the end of the game, but is instead a fresh start.

While Kickstarter failed the game, developer Ink Stories has decided to take things private, and has created a new 1979 Revolution website. A scant development for the moment, the site exists so that those who really believe in this project can continue funneling money toward its development. Helpfully this allows Ink Studios to offer backers even more comprehensive rewards for their donations, including a $2,500 slot that earns your face placement on an in-game poster among the heroes of the revolution, and a $7,500 price point which will earn you an associate producer's credit on the game and render your apparently wealthy body as a member of the revolution with his or her own storyline, both in the game's cinematics and its graphic novel.

Unfortunately, since its Kickstarter failed, the politically-charged 1979 Revolution has to start its fund-raising efforts from scratch. So far, the site has attracted a little over $12,000 - still quite a ways before it hits $395,000, but at least the development team has proven its devotion to telling the story of the 1979 Iranian revolution. It's unknown how this might affect the game's release date, which was initially planned for Spring 2014.
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