Netflix teases 4K streaming straight to UHD TVs, expect details at CES next month

Netflix has been talking up its ability to stream Ultra HD resolution video (demonstrated at the last CES with a local video feed, as seen above), and CPO Neil Hunt reiterated those "next year" promises to Specifically, he indicated the streamer has deals to offer 4K video via embedded players on UHD TVs from several manufacturers that will be announcing them at CES. What you won't hear about -- at least immediately -- is any 4K support from set-top boxes, including the two next-generation consoles, as Netflix is apparently waiting for standards (read: DRM) and HDMI 2.0 to mature first. Gigaom spotted a few test 4K videos on Netflix early in November, however they won't play in that resolution on current hardware either. Content-wise, early adopters can expect House of Cards season two and... probably not a lot else, but that should keep everyone busy for one Kevin Spacey-filled week or so.