Spotify's Android and desktop apps get a fresh coat of paint and new artist pages

If you've just noticed that Spotify on your Mac or Android device looks different, you're not seeing things: there are new updates for both platforms. On Android, the tweaks are quite small, with a new look for the login and signup pages, along with image galleries and play counts in the artist section, as shown above. Meanwhile The Verge spotted a new version for Mac computers that seems to be rolling out gradually, with visual changes like a darker theme and a circular artist avatar (see a screen grab after the break). There doesn't seem to be any new features or other revisions, though, and you may not be able to get the Mac app in your region yet. If you're keen to switch on Android though, you can check Google Play on your device or at the source.

Update: TNW has noted that a similarly quiet (and dark) update has arrived for Spotify's Windows desktop app.