Google Glass collision detection could one day save you from yourself

Once upon a not so distant time, a woman took a long walk off a short pier while checking her Facebook page. True story. Then there was the time the San Diego police department ticketed a woman for driving while under the influence of Glass. Clearly, we've fallen victim to our technological dependence, not just literally, but also legally and it requires a solution. It's unsurprising then that Google had the foresight to come up with a way to save us from ourselves, at least where its Glass eyewear is concerned.

A recently surfaced patent application, dated October 2011, references a "collision-avoidance action" that could help reduce Glass-related mishaps. The technique detailed in the filing doesn't set off any alarms or alerts for Glass users, but it will "[de-emphasize] at least one of the displayed virtual objects" in the HUD to keep you from smashing into glass or walls or telephone polls or other people. You get the point. It does this by gathering data from Glass' sensors and calculating the distance between you, the oblivious party, and potential obstacles in your way. Go ahead and laugh at the absurdity of this all now, but in five year's time when we're all rockin' Glass-like eyewear, you'll be thankful for the heads-up (pun intended).

[Original Image credit: RuthMarie/Flickr]