Joe Danger Infinity taps into toy-based nostalgia for iOS 'really soon'

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Joe Danger Infinity taps into toy-based nostalgia for iOS 'really soon'
Joe Danger Infinity is an endless racer and motorbike stunt-er coming to iOS "really soon," developer Hello Games says. Infinity is the first Joe Danger made just for iOS. After launching Joe Danger Touch, Hello Games felt it had "unfinished business" in the handheld space, studio founder Sean Murray says.

Infinity features Joe Danger as a tiny, gumball machine toy that comes alive when popped open, and he races across bedroom floors, through family dinners and over a variety of relatively giant objects. It features endless gameplay, two dozen playable characters pulled from childhood nostalgia, a fresh emphasis on competition, and 20 new vehicles – including a tank, airplanes and a runaway firework.

In related Hello Games news, Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie are on their way to Vita from UK developer Four Door Lemon. Joe Danger is expected to hit Vita in Q2 2014.

In even more related Hello Games news, the studio is currently working on No Man's Sky, the stylish sci-fi exploration game introduced during this month's VGX awards. If we could remember just one thing from VGX, it would probably be No Man's Sky. If only that's how memories worked.
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Yorkshire studio working on development of handheld port coming in Q2 2014.

18th December 2013 – Yorkshire, UK/... Leading British independent developer Four Door Lemon is proud to announce that it is handling the development of the upcoming PlayStation Vita editions of Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie. The games will include all the content from both the 2010 IGF award nominated original, and its critically acclaimed 2012 sequel.

Founded in 2005, Four Door Lemon is one of Britain's most respected development studios, having contributed to hits such as New Star Soccer and the HD remake of Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee for PlayStation 3.

Four Door Lemon is collaborating closely with Hello Games and Sony to ensure that the long awaited handheld editions offer the full and unabridged Joe Danger experience, with all the manic motorbike mayhem, painful pratfalls and stupendous stunts that fans will expect, along with a few fresh surprises.

"Joe Danger is incredibly precious to us, and there are very few people we'd trust with our baby, Simon and his team at Four Door Lemon have a well proven track record, especially on the PlayStation platform." said Hello Games founder Sean Murray. "This is a great example of UK indie developers working together, helping each other to build something fantastic. It's an ideal fit!"

"We're big fans of Joe Danger and Hello Games and having the opportunity to bring our favourite daredevil to the Vita was a dream come true for us," says Four Door Lemon's founder Simon Barratt. "I have been hoping Sean would ask us to bring Joe to the Vita for a long time now as the blend of classic skill-based gameplay and humour is a perfect fit for the device. We can't wait for fans to be able to experience the Danger on the go!"

Joe Danger will be released for PlayStation Vita in Q2 2014.
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