Engadget Mobile Podcast 197 - 12.19.13

It's been a hot second, but we're back with your host Brad Molen and guest Myriam Joire for a year-in-review episode. It's been a wild ride with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 picking up the processing pace, Motorola joining the smartphone market with renewed vigor and John Legere's refusal to let crazy get in the way of good ideas. Those on a budget could get quality in more ways than one and if the sky was the limit, you could get that too. And yes, Moto G received a KitKat update, but we didn't notice since it arrived while we were busy recording this amazing podcast just for you! So, if everyone's in, the Engadget Mobile Podcast is about to begin -- whenever you're ready, of course.

Hosts: Brad Molen

Guest: Myriam Joire

Producer: Jon Turi

Music: Tycho - Coastal Brake (Ghostly International)

Hear the podcast:

24:31 - Moto G review: an affordable smartphone, done right
41:13 - Moto X review
02:09 - Nexus 5 review: the best phone $350 can buy
04:16 - Nokia Lumia 1020 review
24:31 - Nokia Lumia 1520 review: the best Windows Phone device yet
41:13 - Nokia's high-end Lumia 929 Windows Phone for Verizon gets fully detailed in latest leak
02:09 - Apple iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c: which is for you?
04:16 - Pebble smartwatch review
24:31 - Samsung Galaxy Gear review
41:13 - A closer look at the Jolla phone: good intentions, bad delivery (video)
02:09 - LG G Flex review: a promising phone, but not one you should buy right now
04:16 - Samsung Galaxy Round hands-on
04:16 - HP Chromebook 11 review: is this $279 Chrome OS laptop really for everyone?

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