Tale of Tales celebrates 10 years with Experiments and Prototypes bundle

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Tale of Tales celebrates 10 years with Experiments and Prototypes bundle
The Path and The Graveyard developer Tale of Tales is now ten years old, and is celebrating its anniversary with a special games bundle. Dubbed the "Experiments and Prototypes" bundle, the package contains just that: a collection of 18 prototype projects from the developer's decade-long existence.

Many of the projects include multiple PC and Mac downloads for various renditions and experiments, from an experimental early first-person wind control tool for Fatale to special "Adam and Eve" character models for Quake. The bundle even features multiple demos and alpha versions of the unreleased game that started Tale of Tales, 8.

Those looking to acquire the Experiments and Prototypes bundle can set their own price for it, though the whole pack carries a minimum price of $5 and a suggested price of $15. Tale of Tales stresses that the bundle is in limited order, as the offer is available until December 25 and "contains many items that have never been released before and will not be available later."
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December, 19th 2013

Tale of Tales is 10 years old today. To celebrate the occasion, directors Auria Harvey & Michael Samyn are releasing a bundle with experiments and prototypes created over the past decade. The bundle is available from now until Christmas and contains many items that have never been released before and will not be available later. Customers can pay what they wish for this bundle, with a minimum of $5 USD and a suggested price of $15 USD.


The Experiments & Prototypes bundle includes lesser known pieces such as the epic Godlove Museum that tells the story of how the pair met in a biblical metaphor, Min & Meer that illustrates songs of Gerry De Mol (composer on The Endless Forest, The Graveyard and Fatale) and Quake 3 Arena avatar models based on scans of the naked bodies of the authors. Also included are several prototypes of Tale of Tales' life-long work on 8, the so far unpublished predecessor to their successful horror tale The Path, early versions of which, including the demo of The Path that was on display at the GDC in 2008 when the game was a finalist in the IGF, and a 3D screensaver with Ophelia as its theme originally made for the National Bank of Belgium but never before released until today. Other highlights include prototypes from collaborations with Ceremony of Innocence designer Alex Mayhew (Lost Memories), experiments with the Brussels FoAM collective to create plant-like games (groWorld), a humorously romantic vignette created for the notgames.org forum contest The Bridge and a mesmerizing prototype from the Flower/Lock research that the new Luxuria Superbia was based on (The Cosmos and the Cave).

Additionally, Tale of Tales' latest release, Luxuria Superbia, is on sale on the Humble Bundle store for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android:
And, only today, free to download for iOS from the App Store:

Ironically, but in keeping with the pair's fondness for cyberspace, Michael and Auriea are spending today apart, the latter drawing in the Louvre in Paris while the former mans the ship at home in Ghent, Belgium. But this is just silence before the storm as the couple is preparing for a very involved new project next year. All proceeds of the bundle sale go directly to the production of this project that will be announced in February.
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