ASUS teases new dual-boot hybrid with its CES promo clip

Just before a big tech show, ASUS likes to wheel out a baffling teaser to get us all in the mood. Normally, the clips involve panning over some brushed metal, promising that the new gear will transform your life. But every now and again, ASUS decides it's time to travel to a world heritage site for a spot of vandalism. The latest victim is the Statue of Liberty, which throws a peace "V" to the crowd before pulling apart the tabula ansata in the hope of getting a Transformer Book Trio of its very own.

What's new this time round is that this system somehow supports dual OS in both laptop mode and tablet mode, as indicated by the blue (Windows) and green (Android) flash; whereas the current Trio only does dual boot in laptop mode. On the other hand, the keyboard base appears to remain fully functional as a Windows machine (and may still require a separate monitor). Come CES, we shall take a closer look at this second-gen Trio.