T-Mobile prepaid offering free data... but only to access Facebook

Updated ·1 min read

Look, we understand: You absolutely have to know what Jimmy ate for lunch. And that Marissa is, "Ugh, just so sick of this week already." And Jason's only a "maybe" to the office holiday party? Who does that guy even think he is?

Sorry, sorry -- we nearly forgot to tell you that T-Mobile's prepaid brand, GoSmart Mobile, has joined forces with Facebook to offer unfettered access to The Social Network™. Even if you don't pay for data, GoSmart Mobile will still allow Facebook and Facebook Messenger access. You'll never miss another link to "28 signs you've lived in New York City too long" again!

Whether the Facebook access will be speedy is another question altogether; it's not actually clear which network users will access it through, and GoSmart is a prepaid service aimed at bringing down mobile costs over offering blazing fast speeds. Either way, free is free, right?