Review: VideoCard for Christmas, New Year for iOS

If you're a bit tardy getting those holiday cards out, here's an app that might get you out of a jam. VideoCard is a free for a limited time and allows you to create a clever animated card to send to family and friends.

Here's how it works: You open the app, select music for your card from your library, select a cover, then an inside template. The covers are nicely animated with holiday scenes. You take a picture or a video that gets inserted at the end of the animation.

When the card is rendered, you can email it, post to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or send it as an SMS message. You can also save it to your camera roll.

The templates are varied and professional-looking, and the animation is smooth. A couple of quibbles: You can only take a picture 'live.' You can't use images in your camera roll, which seems a odd choice. If you send an emai, the subject line defaults to 'Merry Christmas," but you can manually fix the spelling error or make a new subject. The audio selection doesn't really fade but ends abruptly.

Still, I like the idea of this app, and at a price of free, it's worth a try. Certainly, people will appreciate the video cards that are unique.