Put a box to good use with ShoeboxCNC

Brian Heater
B. Heater|12.26.13

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Oh, the lowly box. It spends most of the year being broken down, stashed away and pulped, but one day a year, it gets its moment to shine (at least in the UK and various Commonwealth Nations). Consider the ShoeboxCNC a continued celebration of the cardboard vessel, a kit you build from the box it arrives in. The router is an Arduino-controlled CNC fabrication machine you can put to use for all sorts of things that require an arm that moves on the X Y and Z axes - from cookie frosting to picturing painting (with varying degrees of success, of course). It's not exactly a heavy duty router or miller - more the sort of kit you'd expect from something made out of cardboard. Still, it looks to be a fun weekend activity for burgeoning makers - or a nice classroom project. The company's just opened up its Kickstarter, hoping to harness a bit of that spirit of giving. $250 will get you a kit scheduled to be delivered around this time next year, for an early Boxing Day celebration.

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