Official CyanogenMod ROM now available to every Oppo N1

If you've had your Oppo N1 since launch but would rather use anything besides its Android one-off ColorOS, the hardware manufacturer doesn't take it personally. In fact, you'll find a version of CyanogenMod that's tailor-made for the device if you click over to Oppo's forums. Previously, the custom version of Android was already available on a special edition of the N1, and now everyone has access to CyanogenMod's vision of what Google's OS can be: namely, bloat-free and better performing. Because the ROM was built specifically for the device, you won't lose access to the handset's more unique features -- even the rear touch-panel and the swiveling camera lens. The N1 may be a niche phone, but this close relationship with Oppo could get CyanogenMod just a little bit closer to its goal of becoming a mainstream alternative to Android and iOS.