New story, gameplay details emerge for Breath of Fire 6

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New story, gameplay details emerge for Breath of Fire 6
An update to the official page for Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragons offers new story and gameplay details.

Pixelitis' translation of Inside-Games' report notes the presence of some Breath of Fire series staples. In BoF6, a force known as the Schwarz Empire has pillaged Dragnier, home of The Dragon Clan called Brood. The kingdom of Wyndia also returns as the home of Nina and the winged, human-like species known as the Wing Clan. Interestingly, Nina's wings appear to be missing from her initial BoF6 concept art. Ryu himself also appears to have been replaced with customizable male or female characters, though his dragon-oriented abilities will remain with the protagonist.

AI-controlled characters will join players in simplified, time-based battles. BoF6 will also incorporate a town-building system, which will allow players to interact with the villages of other players in an unspecified way.

BoF6, the first numerical entry to the series since 2003, is planned for release on PC, Android and iOS devices this summer in Japan. A Western release has yet to be announced.

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