Google, Audi to announce in-car Android plans next week, says WSJ

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Steve Dent
December 30, 2013 6:38 AM
Google, Audi to announce in-car Android plans next week, says WSJ

Google has big plans to put Android in cars, and will start by announcing a tie-up with Audi at CES 2014 next week, according to the WSJ. Its sources said that Android will power an in-car entertainment system for that automaker, which will run on hardware built directly into the car rather than your smartphone. The collaboration will also involve NVIDIA, and such a system would give you access to the same navigation, entertainment and communication functions available on your handheld device. Audi recently announced LTE for select models, and a recent report from EE Times suggested that Google's had the automotive space squarely in its sights since Apple announced its iOS in the Car initiative supported by BMW, Daimler and others. We'll remain skeptical until we see a product demo, but it would be more surprising if Big G didn't do something with car companies to stymie its arch-foe.

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