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Gaming newcomers have little staying power on App Store's paid chart

It's getting harder for original gaming properties to gain a foothold on the App Store's top paid charts, according to a report by BGR. The site points out that a majority of the best-selling paid gaming apps are either a year (or more) old or based on franchises that were established on iOS several years ago. Fresh new titles do make the top 10, but are soon pushed back out by old standbys.

The Angry Birds franchise holds three of the top 20 spots, counting the spin-off Bad Piggies. Other "oldies" such as Plants vs. Zombies, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja are regularly among the top 10.

It's worth noting that the makeup of the free gaming apps chart changes frequently, with a steady stream of new and sometimes innovative titles popping in and out. That's due to the fact that App Store shoppers feel they can take a chance on these no-risk titles, while when money's concerned they like to stick with sure things. BGR makes the point that the ability for a more varied slate of titles to stand out in the free chart is likely why many game developers are opting to take the freemium route with their releases.

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