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TUAW Year In Review: January 2012


Welcome to TUAW's Year in Review. Month by month, we're running down the top stories of 2012, all day long on New Year's Day.

Apps to kickstart your New Year's resolutions

With the first day of the new year falling on a Sunday, it's a great day to organize whatever resolutions you've made. Here are a few apps to get started with. Get more organized I'm spending...

In which Steve once again predicts the future: the Newton and the iPhone

AllThingsD has an interesting story on their site about the Newton and a few specifics on the end of its short life. At the 1997 Worldwide Developer Conference (held the year Steve returned to...

Take a tour of the Macworld | iWorld 2012 show floor

Just as soon as the show floor opened at this year's Macworld | iWorld 2012 in San Francisco, we grabbed a camera and did a run through the exhibitions on display. You can see all of the various...

January 9, 2007: iPhone introduced at Macworld Expo, five years ago

As we bid goodbye to this January 9, amidst the CES chaos, we pause to remember. It was five years ago today that Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone, at the annual Macworld keynote, and...

Apple confirms purchase of flash memory firm Anobit

Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling spoke to Bloomberg's Business Week and confirmed the company purchased Anobit, an Israeli-based flash memory firm. Israeli newspaper Calcalist broke the story in...

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