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TUAW Year in Review: June 2012


Welcome to TUAW's Year in Review. Month by month, we're running down the top stories of 2012, all day long on New Year's Day.

Apple announces next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina display

Apple has just announced a brand new MacBook Pro model at the WWDC Keynote in San Francisco. The new notebook is still extremely small, though it's not quite as tiny as a MacBook Air -- about two...

Apple announces iOS 6, beta available to developers today (updated)

Apple has announced iOS 6 with more than 200 new features, including significant changes to programs such as Siri. Other new icons spotted include Maps. We'll update with further details as the...

Apple announces Mountain Lion will be available in July for $19.99

Apple announced that Mountain Lion will be available in July for US$19.99. Upgrades to Macs purchased as of today will be free. Any system going back to Snow Leopard can update at this...

Messages in Mountain Lion brings conversations to your Mac

Messages has been in beta for a bit, but today Apple showed off what's coming in Mountain Lion, and I think it finally fixes a huge problem with our devices: conversation fragmentation. You may...

Siri gets a number of changes, will be coming to third-generation iPad

In the upcoming release of iOS 6, Siri will be undergoing a number of changes. One of the most significant is the integration of third party apps such as Yelp and OpenTable. Features include...


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