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TUAW Year in Review: March 2012


Welcome to TUAW's Year in Review. Month by month, we're running down the top stories of 2012, all day long on New Year's Day.

Apple announces third generation iPad starting at $499 (updated)

After months of anticipation, Apple has announced the third generation of the iPad. Prices are (all USD) $499/$599/$699 for Wi-Fi-only models in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Models with LTE 4G cost...

This is not our review of the new iPad

There are lots of reviews of the new iPad. Lots and lots. My review? In deeply abbreviated form, here it is: The screen is amazing. You must see it before you make up your mind. It's pretty...

Retina display Macs, iPads, and HiDPI: Doing the Math (updated)

Love Apple gear? Like math? TUAW's Doing the Math series examines the numbers and the science behind the hardware and software. The rumourmill has been busy lately with claims that we might get...

Windows 8 tablet versus the iPad, side by side comparison

Yesterday, Microsoft held a press event at Mobile World Congress which showcased Windows 8. It's Microsoft's next generation operating system that'll run on both desktop machines and tablets. If...

Apple announces new Apple TV with 1080p support, still just $�99

After weeks of seeing the Apple TV slowly disappear from retail shelves, Apple announced the third generation of its "hobby" device today during the live press event. The new Apple TV is...


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