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Chitika: iPad web share falls after Christmas holiday


In what will probably be seen by some pundits as "proof" that Apple is going to fail, Chitika Insights today reported that the web share for Apple's tablet fell by 7.1 percent after December 25, 2012.

Chitika gathers this information by looking at hundreds of millions of impressions on its ad network by various devices. Before Christmas Day, the iPad's share of the web market was about 86 percent; after December 25, it dropped to 78.86 percent. The biggest winner was Amazon's Kindle Fire, which jumped 3.03 percent to a post-holiday share of 7.51 percent, while Samsung's Galaxy tablet gained slightly to a 4.39 percent share. Not surprisingly, Microsoft's Surface tablet barely showed up on the Chitika figures, with a minuscule 0.17 percent gain to a whopping share of 0.40 percent.

There's good news for Apple in the smartphone numbers from Chitika. The iPhone 5 saw a gain of 1.11 percent share after the holidays, the largest gain among all smartphones. The current web share for the iPhone 5 is at 8.27 percent.

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