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Breakfast Topic: Bad move, your highness

Matthew Rossi

I recently completed the Operation: Shieldwall rep grind, and while I don't want to engage in mass spoilers, I will say that one particular character took actions that seemed very questionable to me. And since I was effectively dragooned into going with him on several of these actions, I in a way took several actions that were very questionable, including the final set of quests wherein I trusted someone notorious for tricking people and then ran face first into the Horde's most famously ill-tempered leader.

In point of fact, doing the Dominance Offensive quests for the Horde doesn't inspire me with any more regard for the decision making prowess of faction leaders. Pretty much no one Horde-side is making good decisions, although none make a personal decision quite this bad, although again Vol'jin comes fairly close to making as bad a choice as Anduin. If you've played through either of these quest chains, you've seen quite a few bad decisions.

So I ask: if you've played through either faction's questing, what decision was the worst?

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