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GameStick Android console is the size of a USB stick

Jordan Mallory

PlayJam, a company that currently operates a social/casual games network for smart/connected TVs called The PlayJam Network, has spent the last 12 months developing "GameStick," a dongle-sized Android gaming console that plugs directly into a television's HDMI port. The device currently exists in several different functional prototype forms, but bringing it to market will require the aid of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, which has recently surpassed its fundraising goal of $100,000.

The GameStick itself runs on Android (Jelly Bean, specifically), outputs at 1080p and will cost $79 when it officially launches in April. The console is powered by an Amlogic 8726-MX mobile processor generally used in Chinese Android tablets, and is supported by one gig of DDR3 RAM and eight gigs of Flash storage.

Games are obtained wirelessly through the Internet, naturally, and PlayJam is said to be working with "more than 250 developers" to get titles made for and ported to the system. Beyond that, designers interested in developing for the thing can pledge $500 for access to a prototype unit and the system's SDK one month before the console's commercial debut.

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