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Razer's Sabertooth Xbox controller has buttons galore


After bringing its customizable Onza controller to the Xbox 360, Razer is at it again, apparently deciding that the Onza just didn't have enough buttons. The Sabertooth packs a full six programmable buttons, including two extra shoulder buttons and the bizarre, underside rockers seen above. These buttons can replicate any of the Xbox's standard buttons, and an OLED screen on the bottom of the controller can save various configuration setups for different kinds of games. The screen can also be used to adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks (as opposed to the manual adjustment seen in the Onza Tournament Edition).

The Sabertooth is available now for $80. Those who already own the Onza Tournament Edition are also eligible for a $10 discount.

Head over to Engadget for some hands-on impressions.

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