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Richard Garriott throws end-of-the-world party, world survives in style


If you've got the means and know-how to throw the world's best apocalyptic party, would there be anything from stopping you doing it? Nothing got in the way of Portalarium's Richard Garriott when he wanted to create one of the most cool- and insane-sounding end-of-the-world bashes on December 21st in Austin, Texas.

"We thought this date shouldn't pass without an interactive soiree," Garriott explained. The creator of Ultima Online is famous for throwing strange elaborate parties, including a Titanic get-together where he sunk the boat with the party-goers on it.

Garriott created a 30-foot Mayan pyramid as the centerpiece of the event. Around the pyramid were four apocalypse-themed tents, including an alien tent with a Sputnik replica and a hedonism display with naked zebra ladies prancing about.

The $1,000-plus door charge for the party went toward the X Prize Foundation.

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